Welcome to Labourware

Welcome to Labourware

LabourWare HTML6 Website

TabletWelcome to our new website and The Programmer’s Log. We’ve re-programmed our site to include the latest web technology-HTML5. This new code allows you to view our website and enjoy all of our content on any connected device. Whether you visit form a desktop computer, a tablet or even your Smart Phone, you will enjoy dynamic content and rich, auto sizing imagery.

The future of personal computing is clearly moving in the direction of ‘Mobile’ devices. They are simply easier to use and much more convenient. And now, with the adoption of HTML6, our website will be as dynamic and informative as possible. Our intent with this site was to demonstrate our adoption and mastering of this latest technology. Our software is very effective, but it needs to be used and understood and this is a small step in that direction.

The Programmer’s Log will continue to update you on our latest offerings as we share new developments and improvements to our software suite.

Check back often and by all means, share your thoughts.


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