GrievanceWare – Grievance Management and Reporting

lookingatyouLabourWare’s grievance management application, GrievanceWare© is designed to manage the grievance process from Initial Inquiry through to Arbitration – with all the steps in between. The software features the following:

  • web-based system means that a software application can be accessed through an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome  or Safari – no additional software to install and maintain on your computer. GrievanceWare was created with the users in mind and is comprised of easy-to-use forms, buttons and drop down menus;
  • Conduct quick searches to find information on any aspect of a grievance, employers, collective agreements and members;
  • Provides Auto-Email Notification & Reminders of all upcoming deadlines whether be filing deadlines of response deadlines from the employer,
  • Notifies Local Executive, Union representatives and employers’ representatives  automatically by email informing them of  approaching due dates and step changes;
  • Supports Document Management and manages corporate memory artefacts;
  • Documents, files, and stored images that can be uploaded and shared as a part of correspondence and meeting information. Documents can be shared with the employer or maintained in a private place.
  • Maintains and grants secure access to those with read/write access privileges.

Flexible Case Types
Not all cases are “grievances”.  Some are inquiries that can lead to grievances, others are a prelude to a grievance or a Pre-Grievance.  LabourWare has recently made significant changes and additions to our GrievanceWare application which allow for all such cases.  Our system is flexible enough to create, name and manage your cases as you need and will.  You can progress your non-traditional cases thru to grievances – or have them be a stand alone case type.  All case types can have their own set of “procedures” or timelines – or not have any timelines at all – you choose.

Standard Language Libraries
We have incorporated the ability to reference and use Standard Language Libraries for Claims and Redresses including any other custom areas where you, the client, would want the language of your grievance to be consistent. These Language Libraries (lexicons) will expand over time; the advantage of this feature is that it will enable Union Reps and Arbitrators to ensure predictable outcomes stemming from the use of consistent semantics.of language.

Grievance Costs and Expenses
You, the client,  can allocate costs and expenses to any individual Grievance. The costs and expenses can be categorized and ordered;, reports can then be generated to show costs by grievance, category and by collective agreement.

GrievanceWare grievance management software generate reports in list and/or Spreadsheet (Excel CSV) formats. Locals can extract customized reports based on submitted selection criteria.

  • Grievance list report with category and type summaries
  • Grievance List by referred Article or Clause
  • Arbitration List Report

This system also provides research capabilities, which can help a Union Local to prepare for Collective Bargaining, by providing statistical data on the Articles and Clauses that had the highest grievance rates.

Grievance Committee and Arbitration
With GrievanceWare, the grievance may be settled or may be referred to the grievance committee where a decision on whether or not arbitration will follow. The ability to track all phases of the grievance lifecycle is included. Arbitration information is maintained and therefore accurate and complete.

LabourWare GrievanceWare grievance management software is a complete software solution for your Union or Association.

Should you require more more information, please contact us or complete the form below with your query and we will respond promptly.