WorkerCare – Workers Compensation Tracking and Reporting

getbetter2WorkerCare, LabourWare’s Workers Compensation Tracking Software is designed specifically for Unions and Associations to help them manage and track Workers Compensation Claims. The software is designed to seamlessly work with MemberWare, in being able to access  member personal and employment information in order to minimize data entry.  WorkerCare© can be easily integrated into your organizations’ current workflow. WorkerCare© provides the capability to track all aspects of a worker’s compensation claim, including the types of injury and the body parts that were affected.  Workers Compensation Tracking provides organizations with valuable member insights; these, in turn, help an organization to proactively deploy best-practice standards as well as implement on-going training for any safety program. The following  are just a few of features  that WorkerCare can do for your Union or Association:

  • Assign cases to a Representative;
  • Manage and track all correspondence specific to a case;
  • Upload associated case files to the server;
  • Manage and monitor timelines for hearings and appeal dates;
  • Add and automatically timestamp quick notes;
  • Create customized statistical reports to track the incidence of certain types of injury and where they are most likely to occur;
  • Discover which members are more prone to accidents and/or injury;
  • Download files to your computer in Excel format for further customization.

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