About LabourWare

About Us


LabourWare is dedicated to the provision of superior web based tools and applications to serve Unions and Associations.

Combining the latest technology skills available with a rich trade union experience, LabourWare is proud to present applications that work the way union leaders work. We understand the process. We build tools to help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently so you can pay more attention to your organization.

Our Mission

Providing innovative Web Based Applications, Services and Training to Labour Unions & Associations. Helping them achieve autonomy in maintaining their own Membership and Web content, and allowing them to control the flow of information. Our applications are designed to be easy to use, provide powerful features and are affordable.

Here are a few software tools we currently provide to Locals that help them:

  • Preparing grievances
  • Reporting on grievances and enabling Locals to find out which parts of their collective agreements produce the most grievances so negotiating committees can follow up
  • Tracking meetings and keeping attendance
  • Tracking courses taken by members
  • Communicating directly with members or groups of the membership by email
  • Tracking workers’ compensation cases in an accurate and confidential manner

We want to be the place where Unions and Associations turn when they need help.

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