MemberWare – Membership Software for Unions and Associations

workersMemberWare is comprehensive Membership Software built for Unions and Associations.  The software is a direct result of   input from Unions and Associations.    It means the software was built first and foremost to be simple  to use, intuitive and easy to learn.  The information that it gathers and stores are specifically chosen by Unions and Associations.  Reports are customized specifically for Unions and Associations; the software provides special functions such as  Dues Checkoff.  It also means a system flexible enough to accommodate custom data that are specified and managed by Unions and Associations. Furthermore, it is software that allows Unions and Associations  to actively communicate with their members, to organize all member functions, and serve as a means to educate and inform the member population of of all pertinent events and matters of interest.  MemberWare by LabourWare does all this and more.  Even as this page is being authored, our software engineers are continuously working to improve and enhance our software functions and capabilities..  MemberWare is software for your Union or Association.MemberWare Membership Software is comprehensive and is designed to manage and track:

Member Contact information including:

  • multiple phone numbers
  • multiple addresses
  • multiple Employers;
  • Training and Education Courses;
  • Registers and reports on  Leaves of Absence and Union Leave;
  • Various positions within the Union or Local (Executive, Steward etc.);
  • Provides the capability to create and maintain committee lists as well as tracking current and past members;
  • Grievance information integrated into the member database file.
  • Software is now able to specify Regions, and Locals within Regions;
  • Automated updates of Membership list from Employer (using employee # or Sin # as unique identifier);
  • Event Management, including participants and attendance;
  • Course management, including participants, attendance and facilitators.

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