Custom Solutions


Custom Solutions

Industry Specific Customizations

Is a custom solution right for your organization?   At LabourWare, we started by creating software for unions and associations.  As we grew, so did our markets and our clients. Our custom solutions are a response to the diverse and unique needs of the organization we serve.

LabourWare has made a habit of listening to its’ clients. Our programs have evolved and changed based on the feedback of our clients. In recent months we have had to take this habit to a whole new level. Several prospective clients liked what they saw in our applications but needed a more customized solution. LabourWare custom solutions combine the simplicity of our apps, but are able to handle your unique, custom processes.

The three industries where we have worked on custom solutions for are:

  1. University & College Faculty/Staff Association
  2. Teamsters Rail Conferences
  3. Airline Pilots & Flight Attendants

LabourWare Railway Custom Solutions

We have built custom solutions for various industries and groups requiring individual, industry or association-specific solutions, they include:

  • Grievance and Issue management and tracking
  • custom import processes from employers files to handle dues and seniority
  • significant modifications to Member Profile and Members Employment fields to mirror industry needs
  • custom reporting requirements
  • ability to manage in house Insurance for members
  • specialized search requirements
  • management bargaining proposals

LabourWare cites these custom solutions examples in an effort to stimulate your imagination – if you have a specific need, we can program a custom solution that will work ‘out-of-the-box’ and help your union or association grow and be more productive. Our work continues after delivery; LabourWare takes pride in on-site training for all your users. We feel that the best way to maximize your custom solution is to deploy full users training and support to ensure the highest return on your investment.

LabourWare University Custom Solutions

Should you require more more information, please contact us or complete the form below with your query and we will respond promptly.