New Features in GrievanceWare

New Features in GrievanceWare


We are working on some exciting changes to our GrievanceWare module.  Our current GrievanceWare© module has the ability to manage 4 types of cases:

  • Complaints,
  • Individual Grievances,
  • Group Grievances, and
  • Policy Grievances.

Some of our new clients indicated that they needed to manage additional types of cases.  Although our GrievanceWare© module already has the ability to categorize grievance cases, it has come to our attention that that there exists  new types of cases that have significantly different proceduresAccordingly, should you, the client, need  to track and manage leave requests  in the University sector, LabourWare will be able to provide you with capability to manage those special types of cases.

The following are  examples of the various types of cases that our clients have had to manage and monitor:

  • seniority claims
  • accommodation claims
  • Pre-grievance inquiries – including full time line tracking and reminders

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