CUPE Ontario Division

CUPE Ontario Division


With more than 200,000 members, CUPE Ontario is the political voice of Ontario members. They campaign at the provincial level for legislative, policy and political change on issues affecting public services and who deliver them.

LabourWare provides a wide array of services for CUPE Ontario, including Membership Management, Per Capita Management, Content Managed Web Site, and Electronic News Letter applications.  We also provide Training and Support for the Ontario Division Staff.

Our relationship with CUPE Ontario is constantly evolving, as their needs evolve.

  • April 2005 – start work on New Membership Management System,
  • May 2005 – start delivery of new computer workstations for staff,
  • July 2005 – Install and implement new File server at Division office,
  • December 2006 – begin installation and implementation of MS Office 2007 for all staff members,
  • January 2007 – begin work on new CUPE Ontario Content Managed Web Site,
  • February 2007 – begin upgrade of Membership System to accommodate Bilingualism and integrate Per Capita functions,
  • July 2007 – Launch new CUPE Ontario Content Managed Web Site,
  • September 2007 – Launch new CUPE Ontario Database


  • January 2008 – Launch CUPE Ontario Per Capita integration
  • September 2008 – continue ongoing Support and Training of CUPE Ontario Staff.

LabourWare is dedicated to continually improving our products and services to help match out our Clients ever changing requirements.  This commitment to improvement and flexibility is one of the factors that CUPE Ontario pointed to when deciding to go with LabourWare.

“Well, I want to thank you — for the access I and all of us have … from our individual computers!

Yesterday I directed another staff member to use it for contact information, rather than either of us rushing around trying to find it elsewhere; today I have used it for myself in the course of composing letters – sheer luxury!

Thank you for this modern-day labour-saving-device!”

Angela Kirby
Administrative Assistant
CUPE Ontario